5 Common Household Uses for White Bread

Fix common household woes in an uncommon way — white bread.

By: Tori Grant

Instead of tossing old white bread in the trash, use it for cleaning around the house. Fresh or stale white bread is incredibly useful for common household solutions.

1. Dust Oil Paintings
Use white bread to dust oil paintings. White bread is surprisingly good at picking up dust, grease and small particles of dirt. Gently wipe the painting with a slice of bread to get rid of any pesky dust.

2. Pick up Broken Glass
Whenever a glass is dropped and shatters into pieces, use bread in the clean up. After picking up all the bigger pieces of glass, use a slice of white bread for the very small shards that could be left behind by lightly pressing the bread where the glass shattered.

3. Keep Cookies Fresh
Homemade cookies can go from soft to crunchy quickly. To keep that freshly-baked, soft texture, put a slice of bread in the cookie jar. Simply lay a piece of bread onto the cookie stack and it will keep cookies fresh for up to a week.

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4. Remove the Scorch Taste
Bread can soak up that scorch taste your pot or pan may have if you’ve recently burned something, like rice. Place a slice of bread on the burned part of the pot and cover.

5. Soften Hard Marshmallows and Brown Sugar
Add a slice of bread to a container of marshmallows and it will go stale before they do, making them stay light and fluffy. The same trick works for brown sugar! Transfer brown sugar to a new container and add a slice of bread to avoid clumping.

Tori is a wife and mother of two boys. Her blog Lil' Mrs. Tori is her creative outlet where she shares her latest craft projects and inspirations.


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