30 Minutes to a Clean Patio

Get your patio ready for the warmer weather in 30 minutes with this step-by-step guide.

The arrival of spring means you’ll finally be able to enjoy your outdoor space again. Winter can wreak havoc on patios – especially for our friends up north – so now is the perfect time to give your outdoor space some much-needed TLC. Follow our simple, 30-minute plan and your patio will be ready for BBQ season!

Before you get started, remember to gather and organize cleaning supplies. Here’s a basic list to get you started:

Clear off the patio, removing as many objects as possible. Look for anything that does not belong or that you no longer want, as well as any broken items. Divide them up into “keep,” “give away” and “trash” piles accordingly.

Pull out any weeds that have grown around the patio, using a kitchen knife or small hand shovel to remove stubborn roots. If needed, pour salt between the tiles to help prevent them from returning.

Sweep the patio thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris.

Rinse down the patio with a hose or pressure washer. Always keep the spray nozzle the same distance from the ground for a more uniform cleaning. Direct the water away from any grouted areas, pots, plants and lights.

Tip: If your patio is especially dirty, you will likely need to spend some extra time on this step and use additional cleaning methods. Choose a cleaning solution that is appropriate for your patio material and mix it as directed on the packaging. Using a stiff brush, scrub down the patio surface with the cleaning solution. Leave for 10-15 minutes (or as directed) and then rinse thoroughly.

Wipe down your patio furniture before you put each piece back onto the patio. For plastic furniture, spray and then scrub it down with a solution of water and Dawn Ultra Dish Soap. Use a soft brush to work the cleaner into any dirt. This mixture can also be used for seat cushions and patio umbrellas.

Tip: The cleaning power of Mr. Clean can help remove dirt and grime from your outdoor furniture and grill, too!

For wood furniture, make sure that you are using a cleaner safe for wood. If the wood is heavily stained with dirt or mildew, you may need to consider sanding and either staining or painting it.

Relax with a refreshing drink and soak up some sun!

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