30-Minute Cleaning Guides for Every Room in Your Home

Save time and energy with these 30-minute guides for cleaning your home.

We know it’s just not realistic to have your entire home looking spotless all the time, so we’re here to make cleaning a bit more manageable! We’ve broken down your cleaning routine into 30-minute segments so you can get your home tidy, one room at a time.

1. Kitchen
Start with the kitchen, as it’s likely the busiest and most used room in your house. Get started with our 30-minute guide.

2. Bathroom
Between soap scum, mildew and hair, this room may seem the scariest of them all. But have no fear – we’ve streamlined the process with our half-hour help guide.

3. Kids’ Bedrooms
If you have little ones whose rooms are in need of a little TLC, this 30-minute timeline will help get things in order quickly. Better yet – you can teach them how to do it themselves! Win, win.

4. Laundry Room
And how about that laundry room? Get it back to the way you’ve always wanted it in 30 minutes flat. Find out how with our 30-minute breakdown.

5. Patio
Last, but not least, don’t forget the outside! Once the inside is taken care of, get your outdoor living space clean and in order with our helpful 30-minute plan.

6. Time to Stock up!
Need to stock up on cleaning products to help get the job done? Click here to save on the right cleaning products for your home.

What are your best timesaving tips for cleaning the house? Share yours with the community in the comments below!


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