3 Steps for Keeping Countertops Clean

Effectively clean and organize your countertops, then learn to keep them that way.

Declutter and clean your counters in three simple steps. Then you’ll be set for keeping them truly tidy.

Step 1: Declutter

Begin Grouping:
Items that belong on counters — spices, hand soap, etc. — can be grouped together with organizers. Maintain order by limiting each counter to one or two organizers like lazy Susans, trays or repurposed packaging boxes.

Eliminate Excess: Unless you use an item regularly, stash it in an alternate spot. Look to nearby drawers or cabinets for storage. Short on space? Repurpose a china cabinet, hanging baskets or magnets in creative ways.

Step 2: Anticipate

Catch the Mess:
Crafting or cooking? Line the counter with paper towels or wax paper. Applying a loose powder foundation that gets all over bathroom countertops? Drape a few tissues around the area, and toss them when done.

Take Notes: Allow counters to become cluttered for a week so you can see exactly what’s causing the mess. In a bedroom, for example, you might realize you’re often leaving around loose change. Once you’re aware of the clutter, start using organizers to keep it in check.

Use Waste Bins: Place small waste bins alongside counters so you can immediately wipe stray ingredients, toothpaste and other everyday messes directly into the bin.

Step 3: Clean

Be Ready:
Have you ever skipped on cleaning a small mess, just to avoid grabbing the cleaning supplies from the opposite end of your home? Curb the temptation by keeping a small basket of cleaning supplies in each room.

Remember the Small Stuff: Having a hard time getting glitter or finely ground spices off your countertops? Try using a sticky lint roller or duster.

What are your tried and true methods for keeping countertops clean? Share them in the comments section below.



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