What (and How) to Pack for Spring Break

What (and How) to Pack for Spring Break

Check out our spring break packing list, complete with 7 tips for packing efficiently!

When the only thing standing between you and a spring break getaway is a bunch of empty luggage, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up seven helpful tips to help you pack like a pro, plus a downloadable spring break packing checklist.

1. Pack Your Carry-on Wisely
Pack at least one change of clothes in your carry-on just in case your checked luggage gets lost or delayed – along with travel-size toiletries, medications, phone chargers and event tickets.

2. Roll, Don’t Fold
Tightly roll your clothes instead of folding them. This saves space and helps avoid wrinkles – win-win! (But it’s always good to bring a small bottle of Downy wrinkle releaser spray just in case.)

3. Pack in Layers
Pack your rolled clothing in layers in your suitcase, starting with the smallest items. Lay long pants all the way across, and fold back over the top layer if necessary. Save jackets for last – fold them in half and lay across the top. You’ll be amazed how much you can fit!

4. If the Shoe Fits …
… pack it! And while you’re at it, put items like shampoo bottles, deodorant or a glasses case inside of your shoes so no inch of your space goes unused. As for your socks, put your breakables like perfume bottles inside to protect them.

5. Prevent Spills with Plastic Wrap
Top toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion and shampoo bottles with plastic wrap (underneath the caps) to avoid leaks. For added protection, place inside a zip-top plastic bag.

6. Strategically Pack Your Outside Pockets
Pack those outside pockets on your suitcase with items you might need to grab quickly, like baby wipes, a comfy pair of flip-flops, an extra phone charger or a Tide To Go stain remover stick.

7. Bag Your Dirty Clothes
Bring a trash bag to store dirty clothes. (Make sure swimsuits are completely dry first.) Only catch is, you’ll have to roll everything back up, or else you’ll have a hard time fitting it back in your bag.

Happy packing, and bon voyage!


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