5 Easy Ways to Break Out of a Vacation Rut

5 Easy Ways to Break Out of a Vacation Rut

Use our 5 tips for breaking the vacation routine and experience something new!

Expand your horizons and get more joy per mile by making these travel resolutions that will set you in the right direction.

1. Travel Alone
If you've never gone anywhere without a partner, consider going solo this year. You'll get to travel according to your own schedule, live on a budget that's right for you and spend days doing what you like to do. No compromising!

And don't worry, you won't be lonely: Traveling alone is a sure way to meet new people.

2. Go Someplace New
If you're in a travel rut and spend every vacation in the same place, shake things up! Beach lovers, try the mountains. Mountain lovers, head for the shore.


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Too drastic? If you head south into the U.S. during winter, try the Gulf Coast instead of the Gold Coast for a change of pace. The important thing is to get out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to new people, experiences and adventures.

3. Be a Sport
If there's an activity you love but never have enough time for — whether it’s golf, tennis, horseback riding, yoga or even deep-sea diving — make your next vacation an active one! Many resorts have professionals on site to help you improve your game or get you started.

4. Travel with One Suitcase
No more waiting at the baggage carousel or paying for luggage to accompany you! If I can't fit it in a carry-on, it stays at home. This also alleviates the stress of packing and ensures you only bring what you’ll actually use!

5. Stay in Touch
Use social media account so friends can follow your journey. Post pictures and impressions of where you've travelled and what you've discovered. This gives friends and family a chance to offer up any insights they may have about where to stay and what to do if they’ve been there before.

Travel changes you. Having little adventures and getting out of your comfort zone opens up a whole new world of possibilities! While you’re discovering the world, you may just discover something about yourself.

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