10 Ways to Plan Your Family Vacation Better

10 Ways to Plan Your Family Vacation Better

10 Ways to Plan Your Family Vacation Better

To have a great vacation, it’s important to stay open and flexible, leave sufficient time to avoid hurrying and welcome your kids’ input as part of your strategy. From packing their own suitcases to asking for their opinions, when children feel like they’re part of the process, it can increase both participation and enjoyment.

Here are some ideas for a less stressful and more fun time together.

1. Have a Family Meeting to Decide Your Schedule
Let kids help make choices in the itinerary. (Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time that they don’t really want to see the zoo?) Provide options and guide them by offering suggestions, since you most likely decided on the location for a reason.

Find kid-friendly places and activities, such as craft classes at a museum while you have alone time to appreciate the art. See if advance ticketing is possible online so you can plan your schedule.

2. Don’t Distract Your Kids — Engage With Them
Rather than have your children immersed in their own world for hours with a favourite video game or film, take some time to play with them, get them interested in the scenery, and just speak to them. Genuinely listen to their ideas or observations.

3. Keep the Blood Flowing
Keep kids active at rest stops, train stations or airports. Bring a ball or game that involves moving around along and keep moving.

4. Create a Contingency Plan
Hiccups and last-minute decisions are inevitable on a vacation, and plans change due to weather or other circumstances out of your control. If it’s raining on the day you scheduled to go to the beach, have a museum or indoor event in mind as a backup.


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5. Plan Your Activities Geographically
Arrange activities around the same neighbourhood to make sure you can see the most without feeling like you’re being rushed.

6. Spread the Days Out Evenly
Establish some firm rules in regard to activities. Try to accommodate a day to each family member or at least allow them to choose something they want to do the most.

The trick here is to consider unexpected places. We can shop in any city anywhere — vacations are about fantasy and adventure, both which can be found in an aquarium or something especially unique like a castle.

7. Plan Out Your Day
Plan physical activities — like hiking or a nature walk — in the morning and schedule downtime to unwind after. Seeing a sunset at the beach is twice as relaxing after a long day.

As always, check in with your children to make sure they’re on board. While some in your family may not enjoy a given activity as much as others, they may discover a hidden passion or something they’ve never thought twice about trying.

8. Schedule Me-time
If possible, try to have a little time without the children. Take in a spa treatment, relax in a hot tub, take a walk on the beach, visit local shops or splurge on a great. Don’t forget — this is a vacation for you too!

9. Create a Way to Remember the Vacation
While you’re out, be sure to take pictures (when you can!) so you can make a slideshow of the photos you all took and share favourite memories, remembering highlights, crazy moments, and good times.

10. Plan the Next Trip Together
A family trip can be outside the comfort-zone but half the fun is exploring a new place together. Brainstorm new places to go next summer.

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