6 Life Lessons Your Daughter Will Learn from Sports

Help your daughter gain confidence and conquer challenges by encouraging her to participate in sports.

From the soccer field to the swimming pool, participating in sports can offer your daughter a multitude of life lessons, from learning crucial leadership skills to gaining new insights from her mistakes. In many ways sports are a microcosm of real life, and they’re one of the best ways to help your daughter prepare for challenges in her adult life, too. Here are some life lessons youth sports can teach your teen.

Lesson 1: Goal Setting
Setting goals and working toward them is a learned behaviour, one that can pay dividends later in life. By introducing new skill sets and complicated strategies and manoeuvres, sports can teach your daughter how to set meaningful goals both on and off the field.

Lesson 2: Perseverance
Whether your teen reaches her goals or not, she stands to gain a lot from the process. Perseverance, or the ability to get up again after you’ve been knocked down, is one of the most useful life lessons anyone can learn. Dealing with rejection and disappointment within this context will teach your daughter to dust herself off and try, try again.

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Lesson 3: Leading
Great leadership skills can’t be taught from a book – they’re learned on the field, through hard work, sweat and even a few tears. If she’s part of a team, she’ll learn valuable leadership skills: how to communicate effectively with her teammates, resolve issues with others, hold herself accountable, rise above challenges or failure, and inspire others to give their best effort.

Lesson 4: Following
Learning how to work as part of a team is just as important as learning how to lead. Sports will teach her how to take directions from a coach and follow a teammate’s lead during a game, which can help her in school and in her career later in life.

Lesson 5: Learning from Mistakes
No matter what the level of competition, one thing is certain: Everyone makes mistakes. Messing up can be incredibly liberating, though, and it can teach your daughter how to see the upside of her missteps. If she can learn from her mistakes during the game, she can learn from the ones she makes in other areas of her life, too.

Lesson 6: Confidence
Many girls quit sports during puberty, at a time when they could potentially gain the most from getting involved and staying active. The best way for your daughter to learn that being a girl puts no limits on what she can do is to keep playing! The newfound confidence she gains in the field will translate to other areas of her life, too.

Does your daughter play sports? What life lessons has she learned from participating? Share with the P&G everyday community in the comments section!


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