7 Tips for Raising a Confident Daughter

Lead by example and show your daughter how to follow confidently in your footsteps.

You watch your daughter growing up day by day, turning into a young woman ready to embrace the world in her own independent way. You want to teach her how to face her future with confidence – and the best way is by displaying it yourself.

Learn how to raise a confident daughter with these seven tips.

1. Be Positive about Your Body
Your daughter looks up to you and – even if you don’t realize it – will mirror your daily behaviour. Encourage a healthy body image by showing her you’re appreciative of your body for what it can do and what it looks like. Instead of berating yourself in front of the mirror or complaining about body parts you dislike, praise your body. Say, “These long legs did a great job on that walk!” or “I’m grateful for my strong arms.”

Exercising together (a quick morning jog, a bike ride in the park or even just a walk around the neighbourhood after dinner) can help you both feel more confident about your bodies and what they’re capable of. If your daughter is concerned about exercising while menstruating, introduce her to Tampax Pearl Active, which provides leak-free protection and a comfortable fit. Secret Deodorant Invisible Sprays can keep you both smelling fresh while you work up a sweat – without making white marks on your clothing and skin.

2. Let Her See You Being Assertive
If you’re unhappy with something – from a meal in a restaurant to the way somebody speaks to you in the supermarket – be confident and assertive enough to rectify the issue politely. When she observes your assertive and confident attitude in these situations, she learns how to deal with behaviour she’s uncomfortable with in an effective way.

Make sure to praise her when she stands her ground, but watch out for unwarranted displays of aggression or rudeness. There’s a clear difference between politely sticking to your point of view and doing so rudely, and you want to teach her that distinction.

3. Teach Her that Health and Wellness Are More than Just a Dress Size
Most young girls have an understanding of health and wellness, but too often the emphasis is on physical appearance. It’s important she places value on her health, too. Practice what you preach by being active day to day, eating well-balanced meals and giving her the tools to take care of her body. Once she knows how, she’ll feel happy and confident. Having smooth, healthy-looking hair is another great way to help her exude confidence and practice self-care without worrying about her weight. Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner can help her fight frizz for up to 72 hours vs. a nonconditioning shampoo.

You can also have her try Always Thin Dailies, which are unnoticeable and have breathable layers to help her feel dry and fresh – perfect for healthy, active girls.

4. Let Her See You Feeling Uncomfortable
Confidence comes from experience, and that means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. Don’t feel like you have to be unflappable 24/7 – let her see that you can get nervous, too! It will help her realize that results – and confidence – come from feeling uncomfortable, but not from giving up on what you need to do.

5. Don’t Focus Entirely on Results
Whatever your daughter chooses to take an interest in – from sports to literature to coding – focus your praise on the effort she puts in and her level of participation. Don’t place importance on the end result all the time. Instead, help her gain confidence in her skills and abilities rather than working toward a score or a medal.

6. Nurture Your Female Friendships
Showing your daughter how to choose good friends and foster those friendships helps boost her self-confidence and happiness. Let her see how valuable your friendships are to you. She’ll use your relationships as an example when choosing her own group of friends.

7. Ask Her Opinion
Show you value your daughter’s opinion and she’ll start to value it herself. Ask what she thinks of the paint colour you’ve chosen for the living room, or a scenario on a TV show you’re watching together. Sharing and respecting each other’s opinions is the first step to developing confidence – with the added bonus of bringing you closer together.

How do you help boost your daughter’s confidence? We’d love to hear in the comments below.


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