Breakfast on the Go Ideas

A sit-down breakfast is rare nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a meal in!

By: Nancy Ripton

Just 27 per cent of preteen girls and 38 per cent of preteen boys eat breakfast every day. If you can get your daughter to eat something in the morning, chances are it will be an on-the-go breakfast.

Unfortunately, convenience meals tend to be high in sugar and fat — and low in nutrients.

“But that doesn’t mean you should overlook anything that’s easy,” says Haley Barton, a family nutritionist in Vancouver.

Simple meals can be healthy! Here are 10 quick breakfast ideas that are actually good for her.

1. Hard-cooked eggs: Boil the eggs the night before, then refrigerate till morning. (Make a couple of extra ones for lunches and after-school snacks.)

2. A bowl of cereal with milk: Look for cereals with no added sugar and at least five grams of fibre and six grams of protein.

3. Whole oats with milk, cinnamon, nuts and dried fruits. The milk will soften the oats, so you don’t even need to cook them.

4. Fruit and a glass of milk.

5. Toast with nut or seed butter and a banana.

6. A homemade shake with fruit, Greek yogurt and flax or chia seeds.

7. Trail mix.

8. Homemade oat-bran pancakes with peanut butter: Make them on the weekend and freeze them.

9. Cheese and a piece of pita bread.

10. Apples and cinnamon with almonds: The cinnamon will help preserve the apples so they don’t brown.

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