Boosting Your Son's Self-Esteem

Boost your son’s confidence and help him navigate common challenges in his teen years with these tips.

Puberty can be a confusing and difficult time for teenage boys: They may be shifting their priorities and preferences, making more long-term goals, and navigating through new physical changes. These five practical tips will help you build confidence in your son so he can tackle life head-on.

1. Remind Him of His Talents
If your son helps other kids at school or works hard to put together an impressive science project, make sure to praise him – but be sincere. Don’t compliment him on every little thing, or he may start doubting your words. It’s important that he doesn’t become complacent, and that he learns to trust his own instincts, too.

2. Encourage Him to Work
Suggesting your son gets a part-time job alongside his studies might earn you a sullen look or a sarcastic comment, but it could be the smartest recommendation you make right now. Taking on new responsibilities will help him value himself in a more mature, confident way and learn essential skills for the years ahead. (Plus, work experience during his teenage years will stand out on an internship or college application.) Earning trust and respect at his workplace can positively affect his self-esteem, and he’ll feel pride in having earned some spending money, too.

3. Welcome His Friends into Your Home
Encourage your son to build strong friendships, and open your home to his friends. Make sure he knows his friends are welcome – perhaps one night a week they could all come over for pizza or a movie night. Getting to know your son’s friends is reassuring for you, too. Not only will you know who they are and what they’re like, but by building a relationship with them they might feel comfortable approaching you if they’re ever concerned about your son.

4. Talk Openly with Him
Puberty is an emotional time loaded with changes, and boys aren’t usually as communicative as girls when it comes to seeking advice. Talk frankly with your son about what he can expect as his body changes, and ensure he has access to any grooming products he needs. When he’s ready to start shaving, introduce him to Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors, which have finer blades* for less tug and pull.** If he’s dealing with dandruff, have him try Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, which fights flakes while cleaning, protecting and moisturizing. And to help him fight sweat all day, give him Old Spice Deodorant Invisible Spray, which will help him stay fresh for up to 48 hours without leaving white marks on his clothes.

5. Encourage Him to Get Active
Plenty of studies show that young people who build regular exercise into their day-to-day schedule report higher levels of self-esteem and well-being. Joining a team will encourage him to build trust and form healthy relationships, and he’ll feel more accomplished, too. Participating in sports and regular physical activity during his teenage years will teach him how to care for his body and health in the future as well. When you encourage him to work up a sweat on the field or during a daily run, you’re setting him up to be confident, happy and healthy – something he’ll thank you for later.

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*first four blades vs. Fusion
**vs. Fusion


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