Always Stronger Together

Girls around the world show us what it means to do things #LIKEAGIRL.

Alone you’re awesome. Together we rock.

Starting on International Women's Day 2014, we joined forces to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence through puberty and beyond by showing them that doing things #LIKEAGIRL is downright amazing.


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Using the phrase “like a girl” is an insult to any adolescent girl, and a tough blow to her confidence. We started a conversation to help change all that with our #LIKEAGIRL social experiment and film. And millions of girls from around the world responded big time. In fact, many of you started a movement: You shared your videos and personal stories, and showed the world that doing things #LIKEAGIRL really is downright amazing.

Together, we’re changing what it means to do things #LIKEAGIRL. And our movement’s growing bigger and stronger everyday. Thanks for sharing. Keep doing things #LIKEAGIRL. It’s working.

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