4 Tips for Helping Girls Stand Up Against Bullying

4 Tips for Helping Girls Stand Up Against Bullying

Empower girls with our 4 tips on dealing with bullies and ganging up for good.

By: Sarah Pottieger

In a world dominated by the Internet, girls now face bullying in their own homes — not just during school hours. Whether it’s a nasty comment on social media or a conniving group text from “friends,” the threat of bullying can follow them through all parts of their day.

Luckily, we can help our daughters and the young girls in our lives learn to combat bullying. Here are four steps you can take to help the special girl in your life feel empowered to join the fight against bullying.

1. Address the Issue
It’s likely that you’ll be the one that needs to start the conversation about bullying — especially if you suspect your daughter is being bullied or may be a bully herself. When you first bring up the topic of bullying, she may not want to talk about it. Just stress to her the importance of talking about things that hurt her feelings, like mean girls at school or boys calling her names. If she sees that her actions, or her being bullied, are something you are concerned about, and that you care about her wellbeing, she may be more inclined to open up to you.

2. Be Calm
No matter how the conversation goes, try to keep your emotions levelled — whether she’s the bully or the victim. If you suspect she’s the bully, try not to make her feel attacked or as if she needs to be defensive. You’ll need to stay calm so you can hone in on the real source of the issue. If your daughter is embarrassed because she is being bullied, offer her words of encouragement and a shoulder to cry on if needed. Remember, you need to make her feel safe.

3. Let Her Know She is Not Alone
Once you get a clearer picture of what is going on, let her know you are going to help her work through this. When your daughter is a target, the last thing she needs is to feel more isolated than she already does. Let her know that she can talk to you and others that love and care for her. Reassure her that she’s not alone in this and that there are things she can do to feel better, stronger and more confident.

It also helps to give her a trusted contact that she can reach out to if an incident occurs. She shouldn’t be afraid to report bullying to a teacher or ask for help from her friends. It’s important she knows there are others looking out for her wellbeing who will help in any way they can.

4. Join the Secret Mean Stinks Anti-bullying Campaign
Secret’s anti-bullying initiative, Mean Stinks, is an awesome way to teach your girls about bullying. By visiting the site and clicking on the “Tips & Downloads” tab, you can find PDFs with helpful advice to inform girls about bullying and empower them to “gang up for good.” There is even a pact your girls can sign with their friends to join the Mean Stinks movement and share their efforts through social media.

At the end of the day, it’s important to always keep an open mind and a positive relationship. Bullying is a serious issue and we never want our girls to feel as if they’re alone in the fight. Help her by following the steps above and making the promise together to “gang up for good.”


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