Summer Treats for Dogs

Summer Treats for Dogs

Help your pooch beat the summer heat with our chilled dog treat ideas.

Create these pet-friendly ice pops, ice cream and other goodies with our simple, delicious and wholesome summer treat ideas to help your dog stay cool this summer.

Puppy Ice Pops
Mix kibble and vegetables with chicken stock, and then freeze the mixture in an ice cube tray. Pop one out when they need a treat and cool down.

  • Add plain frozen chicken stock cubes to their food dish during mealtime.
  • Make big blocks of flavoured ice in a milk jug or small bucket for a large outdoor treat that’ll last all afternoon.

Mix a can of pumpkin — not pumpkin pie filling — and a carton of plain non-fat yogurt together and freeze into ice cube trays for a different spin. You can also dole out refrigerated baby carrots or frozen green beans for cool, nutritious treats.

Pet-Friendly Ice Cream
Mix together 60 millilitres (4 tablespoons) of plain low-fat Greek yogurt, two ripe bananas and peanut butter. Freeze the mixture in a container with a lid and scoop it out like ice cream.

Hollow Toy Filling Suggestions
Fill and freeze a hollow toy overnight to make a cool treat that lasts all day. Fill it with:

  1. Non-fat plain yogurt
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Chicken broth with beef jerky
  4. Mashed bananas
  5. Canned pumpkin
  6. Canned dog food
  7. Low-fat cream cheese


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