DIY Pet Costumes

Get everyone in your family into the holiday spirit this Halloween.

Include your pets in all the Halloween fun by dressing them in costumes. It's easy to make their costumes, and your pets will love the attention. Here are some simple DIY ideas, plus a few sure-fire tips for keeping a costume on your pet.

Dog Flower Costume
Your dog will look fresh as a daisy with this darling flower costume. This is a perfect option for dogs that do not like wearing clothes, since it works like a collar.

Several sheets of felt or foam craft sheets in desired flower colour
Hot glue
Ribbon wide enough to cover collar


  1. Stack a few felt/foam sheets and cut out a flower petal shape
  2. Glue the flat edges of the petals to the inside of the collar, along the edge closest to your pet’s head
  3. Dab a little glue around the outside of the collar, and attach the ribbon around it

Tip: You can also add leaves with green sheets of felt or foam! Glue them along the other inside edge of the collar.

Office Dog Costume
Make your dog the boss in this simple no-sew costume.

Child- or adult-sized collared shirt
Self-stick hook and loop fastener tape
Child or adult-sized clip-on tie


  1. Measure your pet's neck and select a shirt with a collar that will fit around it
  2. Cut the collar off the shirt, directly under the seam, and button it around your pet's neck
  3. Remove the shirt cuffs from the shirt with scissors
  4. Trim to fit the cuffs around pet's front legs, leaving about 1 inch of extra fabric
  5. Adhere hook and loop tape along the ends of the extra cuff fabric and attach around dog's legs
  6. Add a clip-on tie on the collar to complete the look

Ballerina Dog Costume
A tutu is the key to this sweet ballerina costume for your favourite dog.

Several yards of tulle
Elastic headband
Satin ribbon, wide enough to cover collar
Hot or tacky glue
Felt flowers (optional)


  1. For the tutu: Cut tulle into pieces about 15 centimetres (6 inches) wide and 30 centimetres (12 inches) long and knot them around the elastic headband until it’s full.
  2. For the collar: Glue satin ribbon around a collar, and if desired, embellish with a few felt flowers

Tip: If the headband is too large, cut, and knot the ends together to fit.

Lion Costume for Cats
Bring out your cat's inner lion with this easy-to-make costume.

Elastic headband
1/4 metre (1/4 yard) golden brown polar fleece fabric


  1. Cut the headband so it becomes one long elastic piece and tie it to fit comfortably (but not tightly) around your cat's neck
  2. Trim polar fleece fabric into pieces about 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) wide and 30 centimetres (12 inches) long
  3. Knot fleece pieces around the elastic headband until mane is full
  4. Slip mane around your cat's collar

Tip: For another option, attach the elastic band with glue to the inside of a roughly cut, wide polar fleece rectangle. Cut rounded edges where it will sit behind your cat’s ears, loosely knot the headband to fit around your cat’s neck, and slip over its head.

Cat Sushi Roll
This costume works especially well for white cats, whose fur stands out as the rice.

Acrylic craft paint in salmon pink and white
Small rectangular travel pillow
Hot glue
White cat sweater or shirt
Black stretch fabric (T-shirts, scrap rags, etc.)


  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper
  2. Paint the pillow pink and allow it to dry
  3. Add fish grain-lines on the pillow with white paint, and allow it to dry
  4. Hot glue pillow to the back of the cat sweater
  5. Cut a long, narrow strip of black fabric (enough to fit around the pillow and your cat’s midsection)
  6. Attach it across the top of the pink pillow with hot glue
  7. Dress your cat with the shirt, then loosely tie the black fabric around its stomach

Do you dress your pets up in costume Let us know your favourites in the comments section below.


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