Choosing the Best Dog for Your Kids

Use this list to get a head start on choosing a kid-friendly dog.

Finally ready to get your children that puppy for which they’ve been begging? While all dogs can be good with kids if they’re raised around them and trained correctly, some breeds have proven to be extremely child-friendly.

Before you take your furry friend home, though, spend time with the pup to ensure its personality and disposition are a great fit for your family. And, talk to a veterinarian about the optimal healthcare your puppy will need (feeding, vaccinations, worming, neutering).

Size Can Matter
In general, larger breeds are better suited to children, as they tend to be more durable and sturdy. That’s right! They are more robust, and while kids can learn to be careful around Chihuahuas and the small toy poodles, a bigger dog comes with significantly lower risk of being squashed or injured.

Easy Does It
You more than likely have enough mischief with the kids, so adding a difficult dog to the brood could turn a wonderful experience into a pain. Looks and personality aside, an easy-to-train breed will save you many hours of dog duty.

That being said, here are five breeds that have proven time and time again to be a kid’s best friend.

Energetic, smart and playful, these sturdy little dogs are never too tired for a good romp with the kids. They do shed, however, so factor frequent brush and bath sessions into the equation.

Labrador Retriever
There are several reasons why this is such a favourite breed. Labs are protective, patient, sweet-natured pups with loads of intelligence. Their even temperament and high trainability make them a perfect match for active families.

Cocker Spaniel
The most popular of the spaniel family, the cocker is an active, happy, medium-sized dog, who quickly adapts itself to its surroundings. They are easy to train and not too small for children — a cocker spaniel’s main aim in life is to please its owner. They are busy little dogs that enjoy plenty of exercise and thrive on human companionship.

This large dog is known as “nature’s babysitter” because of its patient, docile personality. Newfoundlands love children and can be very protective of them. They have been known to save lives with their swimming prowess, too!

Irish Setter
The best playmate for active kids with plenty of roaming space, setters have fun personalities and love to be around children.

All in all, the individual dog itself is more important than its breed. Bear in mind that cross-breeds may have well-bred ancestors among the abovementioned breeds, so a shelter cross-breed could be the perfect choice!


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