What Your Dog’s Eyes Reveal

What Your Dog’s Eyes Reveal

Learn how to get a clue about what your dog is feeling through its eyes.

By: The Dog Daily Expert

All mammals communicate information with their eyes. In any given moment, we humans are just not that consciously aware of it, even though we are taking it in. For example, you might notice that someone looks angry or sad even though you haven’t really analysed why. Looking into a person’s eyes helps reveal how that individual feels.

In their book “Good Dog!: Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behaviour and Training,” Evelyn Pang and Hilary Louie share how dogs can communicate with their eyes too. Here are some common emotions and how your dog shows them with its eyes.

Your dog looks at you but does not stare. Your pal’s eyes will look relaxed yet not sleepy.


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A frightened dog will tend to look away, shielding its eyes from the person, the other dog or the object that is causing the fear.

Just like a mad person, a mad dog will look at you right in the eyes and stare in a glaring manner.

Really Angry
Pang and Louie warn against what they call “the half moon.” This is when the whites of your dog’s eyes take on a half-moon shape. If you see this, be prepared for trouble. Dogs often display this look when they are about to bite or attack someone, according to the authors.

Your dog’s tail, ears, mouth, nose, fur and more can also communicate how your dog is feeling. Pay attention to the visual details and you can better understand your pet’s mood.

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