Gluten-Free Dog Food

Gluten-Free Dog Food

Not all dog foods are created equally. Make sure yours has the ingredients it says.

It’s important to remember that, just because a brand of pet food has the word protein on the bag, it doesn’t mean it is tailored to your dog’s life stage or lifestyle needs — or is even the kind of protein you want.

Iams has more animal protein to keep your dog’s body as strong as your love. Check out the chart below, which gives you a visual representation of protein types in Iams and other leading dog food brands.

So the question becomes, although the food you may be feeding your best friend does indeed have protein, do you know where it comes from?


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The protein level in your pet food does not always come from animal protein sources, like chicken, lamb or egg — they may come from plants. And while it may not seem like a big deal, all proteins are not created equal.

Animal Protein vs. Protein

  • Animal protein comes from premium ingredients like chicken and lamb
  • Protein from chicken or lamb naturally provides a complete profile of amino acids
  • Animal protein includes the 10 essential amino acids necessary for building muscle
  • Plant protein is often less expensive, like corn gluten meal
  • Protein from corn gluten or soybean meal is naturally incomplete
  • An incomplete protein like plant protein lacks one or more amino acids

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My dog loves gluten free dog food, I really find it makes him more active

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Just so you know, corn gluten meal provides essential nutrients for both your dog and cats eyes. Check the science. It is not bad for your pet. Plain gluten that comes from china is!

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