Do Cats Respond to Different Accents?

Do Cats Respond to Different Accents?

Do Cats Respond to Different Accents?

By: The Daily Cat Experts

I have a British friend, Irene, who lives in the United States. She has a beloved cat, George, who understands basic commands, responds quickly when she calls him and can seemingly even read her moods, knowing exactly when to provide companionship.

This summer, Irene took in a houseguest from Denmark, Anette, who loves cats too She and the cat hit it off — except when Anette would speak to him. Although Anette speaks good English, George would simply never respond to her commands.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cats become used to the tone, rhythm and other aspects of our individual voices, which go beyond the language itself. You and a friend may say the same word, for example, but it will sound different to the listener. Cats may be incredibly sensitive to such differences.


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Biologists at the California Institute of Technology, for example, recently shared that, “in both animals and humans, vocal signals used for communication contain a wide array of different sounds that are determined by the vibrational frequencies of vocal cords.”

Some of these are likely unique to specific individuals, while others (in the case of humans) are directed by the language or the person’s accent.

If you have a good rapport with your feline, your speech patterns are probably music to your cat’s ears.

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Iam not sure on this but King Louis and I seem to understand one an other very well

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This is really neat cause my cat Luna loves me but does not really like my husband John. I was just wondering why but I guess it is the way he speaks to her.

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100% agree... I have 3 cats and speak 3 different languages with them.

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