Do Bored Cats Sleep More?

Do Bored Cats Sleep More?

If your cat seems sluggish and is sleeping more, does that mean he’s bored?

By: The Daily Cat

Cats, in general, are said to be the Rip Van Winkles of the animal world. On average, most cats sleep between 17 and 18 hours a day. That amounts to two-thirds of your cat’s entire life. This sleepy behaviour goes back to your cat’s wild feline ancestors, which needed to conserve valuable energy in between hunts.

However, at least five different factors can influence how long an individual cat sleeps. Arden Moore, author of “ The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions,” goes over some of these.

Other reasons why cats may sleep more:


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  • Age: Kittens need more sleep than adults do, similar to how human babies sleep longer than men and women do.
  • Weather: Do rainy days make you feel sleepy? The different light levels and other factors seem to promote longer snoozing. This is true for cats as well.
  • How safe they feel: If you are anxious, you may have trouble sleeping. The same happens to cats. So if a new dog, person or other addition is stressing out your cat, chances are that your pet is sleeping less soundly.

Although boredom can cause cats to sleep for longer periods as it does in humans, inactivity can promote sluggishness and depression in cats, according to Moore. Without stimulating activities, both cats and humans can sink into longer sleep cycles.

The remedy? Play with your cat! Whether it’s a new toy or a game or even just making sure it’s running about, social stimulation is key.

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Not really and then again maybe so don't we humans sleep when we're bored or trying to conserve our energy levels

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