Can the Family Pet Make You Healthier?

Can the Family Pet Make You Healthier?

From responsibility to love, learn how pets can make a significant impact on our lives.

When a wagging tail and wet nose greet you at the door, it's tough to keep a smile from spreading across your face. Learn how the family dog, cat — or even lizard — can go beyond making you smile to help boost your social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Pets as Teachers
Time spent with four-legged friends shows children how relationships grow with unconditional love and trust, and teaches them useful social skills. Chores such as feeding, walking and grooming Fido or Fluffy also can help teach responsibility and build healthy self-esteem in children. For adults, pets make wonderful icebreakers! Dog parks, puppy-training classes and even sports teams for dogs create fun ways to meet people with similar interests and ease into a new social group.

Pets as Pick-Me-Ups
Pets help alleviate depression or loneliness through the simple daily routine of caregiving. Buying food for and exercising your pet can provide a real sense of purpose and encourage you to get out more. Pets also can help you deal with the loss of a loved one with their calming presence. Just being around your pet can help lessen the sadness of missing a spouse, close friend or relative. Touching your pet also can raise your spirits and alleviate the anxiety of everyday worries.


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Pets as Healers
Whether it's the extra exercise family pets provide, or the relaxing comfort of their presence — having pets is linked to a host of health benefits. From lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels to a possible reduction in young children's risk of developing asthma and some allergies, pets make healthy friends for the whole family. Who knew that "creature comfort" could mean better health?

Now that you know some of the cold hard facts about why having a warm relationship with your pets helps, there’s no embarrassment in loving your furry friend. How has your pet helped you?

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