How to Schedule Me Time

Learn to put some time away for yourself with these expert tips and tricks.

We all crave some time for ourselves to recharge, but guilty feelings or busy schedules can keep us from actually doing it. How do you carve out “me time” for yourself when complications are at play?

“‘Me time’ is so important for mothers,” says Linda Okwor, a mother and fitness/nutrition specialist. “It energizes you and makes you feel good, which also helps your family.” Linda shares four easy ways to schedule the time and the benefits of taking time for yourself.

1. Put away any feelings of guilt and for taking “me time.” You’re not alone and you’re not a bad mom.

2. Try at least once a month to go out and do something for yourself: take a walk, meet with a friend. Just one hour will have a positive effect on your disposition. Also, having someone else involved keeps you accountable for not skipping important “me time.”

3. Make “you” a priority. It’s crucial for moms to make a commitment to themselves.

4. Start a “me time” group. Socializing with others gives you a break from daily activities and allows you to talk about mom issues. Be around people who get you and the space you’re in. Go to comedy shows, get coffee or have a game night.

Easy Ways to Enjoy “Me Time”

Carve out a 30-minute escape.


Enjoy a bath with homemade bath bombs.

Try an at-home spa treatment.

Give yourself a quick manicure.

How do you enjoy “me time”? Share your tips in the comments below!


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