Savour Life’s Moments All Over Again

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Parenthood grants us a free pass for fun, so let’s make the most of it.

My son’s 10th birthday party was better than most parties I’ve been to in years. I found myself jumping on giant, oversized trampolines. Flying high, I was drenched in sweat and smiling ear to ear.

I was back in touch with my ten-year-old self. It was a reason to do something fun, outside of the daily grind of homework, housework and mundane to-do lists.

This was just one instance where I’ve felt permission to “be a kid again.” I realized that parenthood grants each one of us a special license-of-sorts to participate in kid-approved experiences and behaviours. We can bask in the beauty of those moments that we all take for granted as kids. It’s our second chance to step into the wonder that is childhood. So let’s make the most of these moments, shall we?


Jump in the Leaves

Why do leaves have to be such a chore? No jumping allowed is a total bummer. Take your free pass when the kids are doing it, and cash in your rights to join in and feel the crackle!


Make Pillow Forts

From your teens to twenties, all cushions stay firmly on their respective furniture. But once you have kids, the furniture is just a mini imaginary fortress waiting to happen.


Go Stargazing

When is the last time you stopped to look up at the stars? Fall is a great time to take your family outdoors, roll out the sleeping bags, lie down and look up. Pack some hot chocolate for the family to enjoy and stay warm. It’s that simple. 


Be Amazed

The world was your oyster. And it can be again. Try on a childlike awe and wonder of the world. Or just hang out with any four-year-old and follow their lead.


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