Wrapping outside the Box

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Wrap this year’s gifts in ways that feel thoughtful and special.

Finding the perfect gift for everyone may not always be possible, but you can still wrap your presents in ways that feel thoughtful and special. Here are a few simple ways that you can add a personalized touch to your gift, based on who’s receiving it. So, who are you wrapping for?


For someone like my mother, it’s truly the thought that counts. I take plain craft paper and let the children decorate it with paint and markers so the wrapping is just as special for her as what’s inside. Add a picture of them on the gift tag and she’ll be tearing up in no time.


Opening a gift should be fun, but every year he delicately plucks off the tape, slides the gift out and hands back the perfectly folded paper. Are you kidding me? This year, my gift is going to help him cut loose with a string ring-pull that peels the paper like an orange! 


Bless her heart, she cringes at the sight of piles of paper and tape discarded on the floor. This year, I’m going to wrap that vintage teacup candle that I made her inside a new scarf with only a simple ribbon to tie it together. Nothing goes to waste and it still looks beautiful.


You ask them what they want and they say, “Whatever you got me last year.” Which, as always, is a gift card. Instead of tossing it into an envelope, I’m going to attach this home improvement store gift card to a heavy tape measure to throw them off.


This person embodies the real spirit of giving. My gift to her will be a donation to her favourite charity (which donates livestock to a family in Africa). We’ll put a large box under the tree for her to open with a small toy cow inside and a thank you note from the family.


Next time you’re looking to add a little something extra to your wrapping, just remember – a little personalization goes a long way. Have any other tips on wrapping for the people in your life? Share them with us on Facebook or in the comments!


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