What we (Really) Want for Mother’s Day

Get ideas for more modern ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, plus tips to help you share your wish list with your family.

Moms are amazing.

Day in and day out, we work to make our families’ lives better—happier, healthier, easier—all without asking for anything in return. Well, maybe the occasional hug.

But Mother’s Day is our chance to press pause on our daily duties and just let ourselves feel truly appreciated. The only question left is whether your family will know the perfect way to show you a whole year’s gratitude in a single day.

It’s different for every mom, and surveys show that today’s moms have different expectations then some mothers of previous generations. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to update “classic” Mother’s Day celebrations. Plus, we’ve got tips to help you clue in your family to what you really want this year.

#1 – Bye Bye Breakfast in Bed
This iconic Mother’s Day gesture is wonderful on paper, but never really lives up in real life. We want to start the day surrounded by love and appreciation, not crumbs and dishes that we’ll probably just have to clean up later.

We’d Rather…Go For Backyard Brunch with the Family

Mention that you would love to spend time outside on Mother’s Day. See if your husband will set a table in your outdoor space with your favourite breakfast food. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy breakfast with him and the kids while you relax? We can enjoy the fresh air while they clean the table, and don’t hesitate to remind them not to disappear before you’ve had your fill of the moment.

#2 - Don’t Leave it up to Us
Families, especially husbands, love to ask us what we want for our special day. Some of them don’t understand that the whole point is for them to put thought into making us happy. Playfully ask them if there’s a plan for your special day. If they don’t take the hint, explain that without a plan our mom instincts will kick and we’ll spend the day doing our normal mom duties.

We’d Rather…You Surprise Us With a Plan (or Plans)

Playfully ask if there’s a plan for your special day. If they don’t take the hint, explain that without a plan our mom instincts will kick in and we’ll spend the day doing our normal duties. Maybe they could invite our friends to take us shopping or to a pedicure? It doesn’t matter what the plan is, as long as they help us feel confident that we can take the day off without having to play catch-up tomorrow.

#3 – I’m More Than Just a Mom
Obviously Mother’s Day is about celebrating our selfless dedication to our families, but that doesn’t mean that every gift or activity has to be geared towards our role as a mom.

Instead…Let Me Be Myself

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, mention that you’d love to finally finish that craft. Or how you never have time to get out and start a garden. Now’s their chance to help you fulfil those other sides of your personality. Feel free to be direct. Ask them to enlist the kids to help dig flowerbeds, or have them all go to the movies so you can paint in peace. Your whole family will benefit from helping you reach those goals.

#4 - Acts of appreciation
Some of us find an act of appreciation to be the most meaningful symbol of gratitude; a hand-made craft from our children or special plans with the family or helping out with some of the daily chores–and we really love those!

You just may have to drop a few more hints. There may be nothing more wonderful than waking up to find the laundry folded and dishwasher unloaded. Tease them that if they really want to win you over, they can do all the jobs we cringe about during the week. Make sure to drop a few extra heavy sighs when cleaning the bathrooms the week before.

We hope you have a happy Mother’s Day.

What one Mother’s Day idea stands out to you? Share in the comments below!


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