Ways to Exercise Your Little One’s Mind and Body

Set your baby on the right track with these mental and motor skill exercises.

While you might want to spend all day lazing about and relaxing with your little one, she’s most likely bursting with energy (maybe at inopportune intervals). Exercise — both mental and physical — strengthens muscles, stimulates the senses and gives your child valuable experience in problem solving.

Here are a few ideas from which 1-year-olds to toddlers could all benefit.

Create a Relaxing Environment
When children are relaxed, socializing and learning can occur in a more natural state. Spend some quality time with your child and start to take mental notes about what helps your baby get calm and comfy.

Loosen Up
Give your baby a soft massage using quick hand movements. This stimulates their senses and can help improve the learning process. Although your baby might laugh and think of it as more of a game, you’ll be preparing her for the exercises to come.

Tastes and Smells
New moms, remember it’s perfectly normal for your child to stick everything they see into their mouth, as this is their way of discovery. Just remember that when you’re in public, too — you don’t want to let your baby pick things up off a table or at a park!

Balancing Act
If your baby’s working on walking upright, hold their hands and help them get used to the idea of using their own legs. Don’t expect walking to happen overnight, of course. You’re just helping your baby get accustomed to using their muscles and balancing on two feet.

Your Little Genius
One technique is to roll the child onto both sides as this stimulates both sides of the brain. Try playing games using your hands (peekaboo, for instance) and sing songs with your baby that could use a little acting out (“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” is a great one). You can even try your hand at three-card monte (hide a toy under a plastic cup and challenge your child to keep track of it as you switch the cups around).

Have you done any fun activities with your little one? Let us know in the comments section below!


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