Useful Graduation Gifts for Your College-Bound Student

Useful Graduation Gifts for Your College-Bound Student

Give the high-school grads on your list the gift of preparedness with themed dorm-room gift sets.

Tis the season for graduation – and graduation parties – which means those invitations are piling up. And so is your gift list. Instead of the standard cash and a card, why not send off soon-to-be college freshman with some useful stuff to stock up their dorm rooms?

These useful graduation gifts will help your grads survive their first official step into adulthood. And maybe even keep them from bringing home a giant load of laundry at Thanksgiving. (We can dream, can’t we?)

Loaded Laundry Basket

Useful Graduation Gifts for Your College-Bound Student 1

Learning how to do your own laundry: the classic rite of passage into the college years. Make the process as foolproof as possible for them by packing these essentials in a laundry basket:

You can even give them a fresh new set of bedsheets or bath towels. (They might not wash them regularly, but it’s worth a shot!)

Shower Essentials Caddy

Useful Graduation Gifts for Your College-Bound Student 2
Useful Graduation Gifts for Your College-Bound Student 3

Sharing a bathroom with dozens of other students is, let’s just say, a less-than-desirable reality of college. Give your grad their favourite grooming supplies to make the experience more pleasant:

Pack these supplies in a plastic caddy they can tote to and from the bathroom. It’s the closest they’ll probably get to being pampered while wearing shower shoes.

Dorm Room Cleaning Kit

Most college kids don’t even think about cleaning their room until the day before Family Weekend. Even so, every new student needs some basic cleaning supplies to help them tidy up in a hurry:

While you’re at it, might as well grab some nice, soft Charmin toilet paper – it’s way better than the thin dorm bathroom stuff. Comforts of home, anyone?

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