Small Ways to Treat Yourself, Even in a Rush!

Small Ways to Treat Yourself, Even in a Rush!

Take time for you this year. Do little things that make you smile – you’re worth it!

With the New Year in full swing, it’s easy for your schedule to go from manageable to chaotic in the blink of an eye – making it even more important to treat yourself. But with that precious free time becoming increasingly rare, how can you find a moment to ease the stress and do something for you? Here are a few ideas:

Take the “Guilt” out of “Guilty Pleasures”
Everyone has that one little thing (or many things) that they like indulging in from time to time. Whether it’s buying yourself a bouquet of flowers or reading that book that’s been collecting dust, you should never feel guilty for these small indulgences.

By allowing yourself to view these as well-earned rewards rather than guilty pleasures, you can embrace them as pleasant little moments that can really recharge your week. Find what will bring a smile to your face or a little peace in your day, and go for it!

Double Down on Your Time
Turn an idle, somewhat mundane activity on your to-do list (like grocery shopping or cleaning) and pair it with something else – something for you.

Does your list have you visiting six different stores today? Try picking up your pace as you wander the aisles to count it as your daily workout, and use all your travel time to listen to an audiobook or learn something new with a podcast. Liven up cleaning time by listening to your favourite music. Or take a brisk walk outside while on that phone call. Anything is possible – and the choice is all yours!

Hit the Pause Button 
Sometimes, all you need to do in order to lower stress is to pause, take a deep breath and appreciate something small.

Maybe a song you love is playing on the radio. Perhaps you caught a whiff of lavender or a delicious dish baking at your favourite restaurant down the street. Breathe it in and savour it. Light a candle. Snuggle up with some hot cider – you can even personalize your mug if you please. Whatever you need to relax and recharge.

If nothing else, turn to your family and friends. They can be an endless source of wonderful little things to appreciate.

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