Save the Packaging

Save your holiday packaging to bring outdoor adventure into the living room warmth.

Cardboard Creations

Remember when your parents would buy a new refrigerator and you would spend hours upon hours turning the cardboard box it came in into a spaceship with nothing but a permanent marker, your parents help with the scissors and your imagination?

Now with the holidays right around the corner, you’ve probably got piles of cardboard boxes from online orders or friends sending gifts. Don’t pass those off to the recycling just yet – spend some time with the kids and beat the winter blues by repurposing them for big indoor fun!

Here are some of our favourite creations.


An oven and stove gives you and your little ones a way to cook the big meal together. With a few kitchen utensils of their own, they can help make the sauce while you make the turkey.


Escape the winter weather cabin fever by transforming boxes into a vessel for exploring the world. Just don’t forget to make it roomy enough, and to pack a good adventure bag – never leave home without swimming goggles and a sandwich.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible when children choose to play with their cardboard creations instead of their new holiday gifts.


A simple mailbox gives the little ones an opportunity to play mail carrier. Trust them with precious packages and letters to mail and deliver to your other holiday guests around the house.


Set the stage for an after-dinner puppet performance. Creating the show is a fun family project, from building the theatre and making the puppet to writing the script and rehearsing.

After the big meal, when show time rolls around, the kids can put on the performance and everyone else will be scrambling for their video cameras.


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