How to Instantly Make Bath Time Way More Fun

Put a fun spin on getting cleaned up with adorable Ivory soap carvings.

Summer opens up doors to all kinds of outdoor fun – which also means kids often come home with dirty knees and sticky fingers. But you’re a smart parent. You know that getting cleaned up can be way more fun with a little creativity …

Have you ever heard of soap carvings? They’re easy, fun and the only craft that practically cleans itself up. A warning before you get started, though – this could get addicting. We’re not sure if it’s because of how easily the soap gives way or its refreshing scent, but we found ourselves lost in a trance as we brought these figures to life.

But if you’re still willing to give it a shot, here’s how to make your own practical art piece:


  • A fresh bar of Ivory soap (Did you know that it floats?)
  • Carving tools like a table knife or plastic knife, craft sticks, toothpicks, etc.
  • Marker, pencil or pen

3 Easy Techniques

Simple Shapes
A not-complicated figure, like a fish, bird or bear, is a great place to start. Just use a writing utensil to outline your shape, then use your carving tools to cut it out. You can go back in with a toothpick to add fine details like eyes and wings.

Etch Away!
Another easy carving method is to leave the shape of the soap intact and etch words or designs into it. You could start with your kids’ names or experiment with fun doodles like moustaches and lips.

Raised Designs
For a more dimensional look, you could try raised designs. Instead of fully cutting out the shape, carve partway down and whittle out the soap around it so that it’s on the same level (the result kind of looks like a stamp). It’s helpful to start off with easy shapes – think hearts and the like.

See, getting cleaned up isn’t so bad after all. Happy carving!


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