How to Tame Your Laundry Monsters

When the kids come in from the snow, the winter clothes come off with a vengeance!

It’s hard to find places to pile all those damp, bulky clothes that come along with winter weather. Before you know it, some tall, dark and drippy creature is clogging up your entryway.

Here are a few ideas for dealing with these laundry monsters and keeping winter fun, warm and dry for your whole family.


First it’s one scarf. Then two. Before long you’ve got coats, hats and sweaters coiled around your railings like they’ll never let go!

While it’s a great place to dry lightly damp clothes, try to be careful not to place tripping hazards like boots on the steps! One good alternative is to keep a laundry basket near the stairs where everyone can deposit their items upon arrival.


Instead of turning every chair into a drying rack, you’ll have better luck putting two chairs back-to-back to create a drying surface that can support a lot of heavy clothes.

Also, try placing boots upside down on the heating vents so they dry out much more quickly.


Many families just dump all of their damp clothes in the bathroom. After a snowy week, you’ve got damp tentacles crawling all over the place. Don’t be afraid to give the really damp items a quick once-over with your hairdryer to speed up the drying process.


Drying racks are a huge help if you don’t have extra hooks to use, but they can become bulky obstacles in hallways or narrow areas. Try enticing this beast into a different drip-safe area with a leftover carpet square.

Keep dry mittens, socks and gloves in separate baskets near to the door – in easy reach of more outdoor fun for the next time the kids go out.

Have you discovered any great ways to keep laundry monsters away during the winter months? Tell us your solution in the comments!


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