How I Got My Kids Off Their Screens and Outside this Summer

Give your kids the gift of simple summer joys. (And, in turn, give yourself a break.)

When I think back to my childhood summers, I remember living outside, gloriously grass-stained knees and sticky fingers, and an overall sense of freedom and simplicity. Each night, I’d roll inside, tracking in the dirt from the day, delightfully exhausted and completely satisfied.

Reality check: My kids are tired of the pool by the second week of break and they spend most of their days staring at one of their many screens. I don’t think they’ll ever totally understand what those sweet summers were like, but I have found a way to give them a small piece of it.

Here’s What You Do:
Get a large canvas tote bag and some coloured fabric markers. Let the kids colour and personalize the bag however they please. Now pack it full of simple, nostalgic toys and fun items that they can use outdoors. (My top choices are below for inspiration!)

This bag becomes your go-to answer when the kids utter those inevitable words “I’m bored!” and your take-along tote for cookouts and trips to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.

My little guy and gal have spent hours outside making their way through the contents of their bag. One day, I even read an entire chapter of my book uninterrupted (I’m serious!).

I think your kids will find some joy in these simple summer pleasures – and I hope you find some you-time, too.

Happy summer!

What I Put in My Tote:

Sidewalk Chalk
Doodling, hop scotch, tic tac toe – the possibilities are endless! (Toss a roll of Bounty in there to take care of those colourful fingertips.)

Water Balloons
Get out the garden hose and let the fun begin.

Squirt Guns
The next best thing to an afternoon at the pool.

Beach Ball
Play keep-away, volleyball, kickball – or just toss it!

Airplane Gliders
Flying contest, anyone?

Not just for spring!

Ring Toss
A backyard classic.

Fun for all ages! (You’re never too old to blow bubbles. Never.)

Vintage Games
Think jacks, dominos, pick-up sticks … the more old-school the better.

Inflatable Water Slide
Need I say more?

Hula Hoop
This won’t fit in the bag – but it’s still fun to have on hand!

How do you keep your kids entertained in the summertime? Tell us in the comments!


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