Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

No more ties or socks for Dad — find a gift any dad will love this year.

By: Anthonia Akitunde

With school still in session in May, art classes are devoted to making moms heartfelt cards and craft-stick picture frames for Mother’s Day; but come June, school is out, summer is in and poor dads everywhere have to settle for whatever craft we put together last minute (sorry for the glitter-covered mug, Dad!).

Looking back on our childhoods, Father’s Day always seemed to get the short end of the stick.

Now that we’re a little older, we can afford to put a bit more thought into the gifts we give the fathers in our lives.

Here’s a list of great gifts any dad will love — ones that may even make up for decades of goofy ties, socks and boilerplate greeting cards.

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves to Cook
From his brioche French toast to his mean barbecue game, this type of dad makes meals that would put the latest reality TV chefs to shame — at least according to him.

Free up his hands for mixing and tasting his handiwork with a kitchen stand. This simple tool lets “Chef Dad” look at recipes on his tablet or cookbook from a variety of angles and orientations.

Another great gift for the gourmet dad is a basic instrument that should be in every home cook’s arsenal: a cast-iron skillet. He’ll get a kick out of how rugged and old-timey the cast iron is, and you’ll enjoy the perfectly crispy bacon and mouth-watering steaks he’ll be serving up for the entire family.

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves to Read
You can keep your social media and blog posts — this dad is all about a good, long read. Give him his own digital library with a subscription to an e-reader book app, which usually runs about 10 per month. These apps provide access to more than 200,000 titles across every genre imaginable. And — cha-ching — the first month is free!

If your dad still loves holding a book or magazine and flipping through its pages, however, a subscription to his favourite literary magazine is a must. He’ll be delighted with thoughtful and funny articles, interviews, and illustrations from some of the most creative thinkers out there.

It’s a great way for your dad to unwind and learn something new and interesting he’ll want to share with everyone.

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves TV and Movies
While you may have missed the latest award-winning documentary or prestige drama’s season finale, this dad’s already seen it — twice. (“Have you seen...?” is how most of his sentences begin.)

Bring all of his loves together in one place by springing for a movie-streaming device. The simple gadget plugs right into the TV and streams television shows and movies from a number of services and channels.

For the dad who has no intention of saying goodbye to his beloved DVD player (or even VCR), get him a complete series or the director’s cut of his favourite movie. He’ll appreciate both the thoughtfulness and the utility of this gift.

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves to Look Sharp
“Thanks for the tie!” “Oh, great! Socks!” Turn these predictable Father’s Day gifts on their head by gifting dear old dad cooler versions of these cliché classics.

A slim tie in an unexpected pattern automatically ups any man’s sharpness factor. Try going for one with a pattern or with an unusual elegant edge to it. Or, get him some accessories: new cuff links, a pocket square or a tie bar adds a refined touch to any outfit.

Armed with these ideas, you’ll be sure to pick something your dad will use for years to come — they’re all gifts that keep on giving!

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Anthonia is the co-founder of Mater Mea, an online magazine that profiles the stories of working mothers of colour through gorgeous photography and compelling features.



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