DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Celebrate your father with these awesome DIY Father’s Day Gifts.

By: Jessup Smith
Want to step up your game for Father’s Day this year? How about going all out and giving him a homespun gift?

Here are some simple, heartfelt gift ideas to make any dad swoon and feel extra special this year.

The Father’s Day Bag of Goodies
Who knows him like you do? Buy or fashion a father-themed bag and fill it to the brim with his favourites, including homemade treats and more.


  1. Stuff it with his favourite candy bar, a mini screw driver set for glasses and electronics, tickets to a baseball game and his favourite cologne
  2. Add handwritten coupons for him to cash in on family fun — for Father’s Day and beyond

Some dad-worthy tips for Father’s Day:

  • Venture out from burgers with a Steak, Peppers and Corn on the Cob Kebabs Recipe
  • Make dad a grilled dessert!

For the Dapper Dad — Sock Bouquet
This is a perfect gift for the business-oriented father, and a quick gift to construct.

6 or more pairs of socks
1 medium sized vase
Safety pins


  1. Lay out each sock individually and fold the opening end by bringing one corner over the opposite side to create a triangle
  2. Roll the triangle over the length of the sock so that it forms a bloom
  3. Use a safety pin to secure the fabric bloom, and thread a skewer inside so the bloom sticks out of the vase
  4. Repeat for the remaining socks

Tip: You could even subscribe dad to a monthly sock delivery service to keep his style current and stock replenished.

Happy Father’s Day Collage
This gift is especially meaningful for the family with kids who have flown the nest and live away from one another. All you’ll need is a picture frame to accommodate several pictures, dependent on the number of kids in your family.

Ask each child to create a “Happy Father’s Day” sign and take a picture in front of a landmark (significant to where they live) while holding the sign. It’s very simple—just put all of the pictures in a frame, wrap and present to dad.

For the Flight Enthusiast: Cardboard Airplane
What DIY Father’s Day gift is better than building a cardboard airplane? Give the fun gift of flight—perfect for kids and fathers alike. All you’ll need is two medium-sized cardboard boxes, scissors, tape and some imagination. You can even ask dad to join in on the fun.


  1. Construct the first box and cut off the top lid pieces. This will serve as the body of the plane
  2. To make the wings, simply draw the shapes on the longest continuous pieces of cardboard from the second box and cut them out. Tape your wings to the box sides
  3. For the tail of the plane: Cut out a triangle of cardboard. Make a slit on the backside of the body and place tail inside. This will attach the tail to the plane

Propeller: If you want to add a propeller to the front of your plane, simply draw an elongated figure-8, and cut out the shape as one piece. Secure that to the front with tape or strong adhesive

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