Dine and Dish: 30 Days of Dinner Conversation Starters

Dine and Dish: 30 Days of Dinner Conversation Starters

These 30 dinner conversation starters will get everybody in your family to talk, laugh and learn more about one another.

Whether the conversation around your dinner table is lagging or you’re looking to keep mealtime fresh and exciting, these 30 conversation starters will encourage every family member to talk more and look at their smartphone less.

We’ve tailored questions based on whether your family has younger kids (3 to 11 years old) or teens (12 to 18 years old, but we think adults will like them, too!). We suggest printing out the questions, cutting the paper into strips with one question each, and keeping the strips in a small bowl on the table. When your family’s ready, pull out a strip to start dishing.

Tip: Need a little help getting the conversation flowing? Set the standard by volunteering to answer a question first, and then explain your answer. If your child gives a short or one-word answer, ask for more details or follow up with a few questions. “Why?” is a great place to start!

Dinner Conversation Starters for Kids

Dinner Conversation Starters for Teens and Adults

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