Why You Should Go to Your School Reunion

Why You Should Go to Your School Reunion

You may be a little older, grayer or rounder, but you need to go to that upcoming reunion.

When you and your former classmates first start hearing about an upcoming high school or college reunion, everyone seems excited. Everyone is “definitely going.”

But as the reunion date approaches, suddenly the number of attendees dwindles. It seems the event looked appealing when it was a long way off. Now that it is in the near future, it has lost its luster.

Which is understandable.

It can be expensive. It can be a hassle. It can be on the other side of the country. Just thinking about all the travel you would have to do for three days of fun (or what you hope is fun) would make anyone feel tired.


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There’s also the issue of using reunions to set unrealistic goals. Lose 20 pounds — before the reunion. Get a better job — before the reunion. Then when those goals aren't reached, why bother going? You give yourself five more years to reach your goal, just enough time for the next big reunion.

But whenever that invitation arrives for your school reunion, just say “Yes,” and don’t look back. And tell your friends to do the same. Use social media to get a group of classmates together in advance so you’re not walking into the venue alone.

When you all arrive, old friends won’t be noticing your mid-section or hairline. They'll be thinking about how your laugh is “exactly the same.” You may feel awkward around your old sweetheart, but so will they around you. Yes, you look older, but so does everyone else. People won’t be comparing square footage of their homes or horsepower of their cars. They’ll be sharing photos of children and grandchildren.

People will accept you for who you are. They are there for the same reason you are — just to have some fun and some laughs. We’re all a little embarrassed thinking about how we were when we were younger, and we’ve all accomplished great things — even if they aren’t the same accomplishments we planned to have when we were younger.

So relax, have fun and don't make such a big deal about it. And when you return to your everyday life, you'll have a fresh outlook.

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