Tips and Ideas for Enjoying a Bountiful Chinese New Year

Tips and Ideas for Enjoying a Bountiful Chinese New Year

For a spectacular New Year celebration, start with these tips.

Get your home, your meals and your look in order with these tips for a great new year!

Invite Good Luck Into Your Home
Usher in the Year of the Monkey with a clean and decluttered house. Comb through your closets, tackle the basement and get a handle on that overflowing garage. Spread out these organizational projects so that even big tasks remain stress-free, and enlist the entire family’s help.

Throw out broken or unusable items that have been storing negative energy all year, donate items you no longer use (provided they’re still in good condition) to those in need and give each space a fresh finish by arranging items so they’re easily accessible. Use decorative bins or even DIY repurposed tissue boxes to spruce up an open space that’s being utilized for storage.

Once you’ve crossed organizing off your list, give your home a deep clean to aid Feng Shui and facilitate the flow of positive energy for the upcoming year. Uncover windows to let in natural light, open walk-through doors or arrange furniture to make each room as airy as possible, and add plants and other greenery (especially orchids, red peonies and plum blossoms) around the house for a fresh and relaxing feel.


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Prepare Foods and Fruits Bearing New Year Blessings
In addition to your pair of pomelos, bowls of oranges, kumquats, and apples can be set out in festive red dishes – doubling as a decorative snack – or add berries and pineapple to make a phenomenal fruit salad. To keep hungry guests satisfied as they visit throughout the day. Prepare a candy box with candies, chocolates and traditional Chinese snacks, such as deep fried sweet dumplings and dried candied fruits. Prepare what you can in advance so you can quickly make and serve snacks like deep-fried spring rolls and pan-fried carrot cake.

For the main course of your reunion dinner, opt for traditional treats such as pork and veggie dumplings or steamed chicken or sea bass for delicious dishes that aren’t too time-consuming to make.

Best Dressed for a Bright Future
To set the tone for the New Year, don sunny reds or other happy, festive colors. Start the day with a bright complexion using Olay Total Effects Moisturizing Lotion, opt for red and gold tones if you’ll be applying makeup, and use floral hairpins if you’re looking for an easy accessory that celebrates the New Year in style.

How are you ensuring this year is a bountiful one? Let us know in the comments below.

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