Summer Fun for your Family

Summer Fun for your Family

Fun summer activities for the family!

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Summer – and the four months of school holidays with it – sizzles with endless fun in Canada. Cities turn into a wonderland with thrilling activities for the whole family.

Get the kids off TV and take them out instead. Pack the sun block, sunshades and grilled cheese sandwiches, and choose from the list of activities below for endless entertainment every day.

Fun in the Sun

1) Trips: Head out for a family road trip to explore the natural diversity of Canada. Check out the scenic lakes, stunning landscapes, rugged highlands and thrilling forests. Keep your kids pre-occupied through the journey with interesting travel games.

2) Picnics : Round up your friends and plan a community picnic. Go biking, canoeing, camping and plan cottage stays together.

3) Treks: Prepare a small kit with a pencil, note-pad, camera, binoculars, crayons and GPS unit for the kids. Take your little trekkers to a national park. Some of these rainforests have trees that are over a thousand years old. Have them explore the wonders of natur e and note down, what they observe. For an extra adrenalin rush, zip-line through the woods.

4) Animal World: Check out the animals at the Zoo. Look out for marine mammals typical to Canada such as beluga whales, polar bears, seals and walruses as well as a wide variety of fishes in the Aquarium.

5) Water Wonders: Cool off at one of the public swimming pools or splash pads or water park. Cruise down the harbour in the sunset. Go hunting for fossils near a lake.


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6) Adventure Sports: Go rafting over the rapids, canoeing, fishing, cycling or mountain biking. If you have young kids, take them for roller-coaster rides at the Amusement Park.

Hot Spots:

1) Festivals: Various types of festivals – cultural, music, food and more – are strewn all over City Squares and Harbour fronts. Join in the fun.

2) Learning centres: The Planetarium is a learning experience for the whole family. Count the stars at the Observatory, watch live interactive science demonstrations and shows on astronomy. You can also browse through some books together at the public libraries. Museums are a must-visit with many of them offering special exhibits and work-shops for children.

3) Fun at home: You don’t have to go out every day to have fun with the whole family. There’s a lot you can do at home. Teach the kids how to grow their own salads from kitchen scraps.

Show toddlers how to make hard-to-pop bubbles:

  • Take 1 cup of distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.
  • Blow bubbles in your own garden.

Don’t worry about the mess. Just keep Bounty paper towels handy to pick up spills, stains and soap suds.

If you have more family fun ideas for the summer, do share with us.

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