Should You Reward Kids for Doing Chores?

Should You Reward Kids for Doing Chores?

Busy moms share some of their techniques to get kids helping at home.

In the battle to teach kids to do chores, there are two sides: mothers who believe children should be rewarded and mothers who believe work is its own reward. We talked to real moms about how they treat rewarding their kids for chores without a monetary reward.

Kimberly Roman works for a private investigation firm and has two children, both under the age of 10. Kimberly says she needs her kids to cooperate with housework because it benefits the entire family.

Kimberly developed a reward system she calls the "virtual buck system.” Each chore her children do earns a virtual buck.

“Right now they have to earn 10 virtual bucks to receive a small prize. If they do not do their chore, or do not do it well, the buck is taken away.”

Kimberly says her children love earning the virtual bucks because when they hit their 10 bucks, they can get a small reward.

Mothers Denine M. Anderson-Regan and her sister, Daniele Anderson Stringer, blog about parenting and lifestyle choices. Denine says, “We used to work together, now we blog together and spend an extraordinary amount of time raising our kids together.”

In the sisters’ experience, children always respond better when they have a say in how their daily lives pan out. In their families, everyone shares in what the children earn.

“In our homes, we let the kids choose what chores they would like to do each week. For every chore completed, they have the option to earn money or credit.”

In Denine and Daniele’s families, the money goes into the children’s piggy banks for them to use as they please. The credits, however, get banked by the family and can only be cashed in for family day activities.

All the moms agree that consistency breeds results. Through weekly requirements, children learn that the only way to be in a position to ask for anything extra is to first meet the minimum chore requirement of the home.

What do you do to reward kids for doing their chores? Share your creative ideas with the community in the comments section below!


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I do the virtual buck thing with my daughter! Except I'm the "bank". When she's ready to cash out, I give her the $ she earned. She doesn't need money for chores but I allow it when I notice that she asks for chore $ when Christmas & Mother's Day is around the corner. She wants to feel like she "earned" it & doesn't ask for $ unless it's a good reason.

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