Salaam, Namaste: Welcome to P&G everyday Canada

Salaam, Namaste: Welcome to P&G everyday Canada

At P&G everyday, we’re here to help you know more about Canada and settle in faster.

Whether you have been here for a few days, weeks or years, there’s nothing like a whiff of your motherland to make you feel at home, hai na?

Immigration is said to be the single hardest decision of your life. To uproot yourself from the familiarity of the country where you were born and raised — and then to move to distant shores to create a new life — can be intimidating to say the least.

Har din there are challenges. Har pal you are faced with change.

At every turn you try to cope with unknown faces, unfamiliar accents, uncomfortable choices, unusual foods and untried items. Overcoming the smallest hurdle is another milestone crossed.

When you are faced with these challenges a second time, you know just what to do. And as you learn to handle situations, people and cultural differences better, slowly you settle in and embrace the beautiful world you have chose to make your home.

Remember your haalat the first day you ventured out alone? The first time you desperately searched for eggless choices and found none? The first time you had to use the coin laundry and had no idea how to go about it? The magical moment when you first saw snow but were clueless how to protect yourself from the brutal cold?


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Small things make a big difference. Little gestures go a long way.

You meet strangers who lend a friendly hand and they become your friends. Sometimes you meet old friends and they help you feel at ease. You rely on these friends more and more until they become part of your family. Then one day you realize: Canada is home.

P&G is a multinational global company. We offer a multitude of products and services, many of which you knew and used back home, and others you are discovering here for the first time in your new country — products specially adapted for Canadian conditions and a Canadian lifestyle.

We understand your concerns, salute your courage and we are here to help you and your family through your Canadian life in every way we can. We are with you through the daily grind, doing our bit to make your life easier, happier, healthier and more rewarding.

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Welcome to P&G everyday Canada — because every day is special.

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