Reinvent Outdoor Winter Fun

Reinvent Outdoor Winter Fun

Create lasting winter memories with these three simple, fun ideas.

By: Elisabet Garcia Dahlbäck

Celebrate the winter months with family by taking the activities outside. Snowy conditions offer opportunities for unexpected family fun! Use our three creative ideas to bring your family outside and enjoy the season.

Craft a Snow Lantern
Have the kids help you roll small snowballs and start building a ring. Once the outer perimeter is created, start layering them on each other in a round shape with a few LED candles in the middle. Build up the walls into a pyramid shape and admire your new snow lantern.

Host a Sled Competition
A classic, yes, but a sled competition is something that gets the entire family rolling in the snow.

Select a hill based on the children's ages — remember, you’ll have to walk back up the hill, too! Run two or three sleds at a time, whoever wins goes to the next heat.

Of course, bring some prizes or plastic “medals” and a container of hot chocolate. Take into consideration that if parents are competing you might have to give your kids a head start — it’s only fair.


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Play Snowball Toss
If you find yourself with a mound of extra snowballs from your snow lantern, put a fun wintry twist on basketball by playing snowball toss.

Step 1: Place plastic tubs or buckets in different sizes at reasonable distances from each other in the snow.

Step 2: Mark points on the buckets — those that are harder to make get the highest points and the larger ones that are easier get fewer points. Together decide how many snowballs each person will throw.

Step 3: Spread the buckets, putting them at different distances, and draw a line from which you throw. Of course, younger kids get to be closer. For adults, consider adding an extra challenge — throwing it with your non-dominant hand, doing it with your eyes closed, behind your back, etc.

Although you might not be sitting your feet up at a ski lodge, a winter “break” at home may be all you need to get you and your family’s batteries recharged and get through to spring!

Do you have any fun games you play with your family during the winter months? Let us know in the comments below!

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