Mom Confessional: I Want a Spring Break

Mom Confessional: I Want a Spring Break

Read one mom’s take on how spring break could be way more fun.

By: Helen Jane Hearn

When I was in college, spring break meant two things: great friends and a warm-weather adventure — no plans, no schedules, just fun. As a mother of young children, spring break now means keeping the family from going stir crazy.

I want my own spring break!

But now, as a mom, I identified the top five things I miss most about my annual southward springtime sojourn. (I’m also awarding extra credit for bringing the best parts of spring break into a week at home with the kids.)

1. Girlfriends
When it comes to friends, I’ve always been sort of a pack-hopper. Although I love the thought of it, I’ve never travelled extensively with a tight pack of girlfriends. The only time I ever did was for spring break. No matter where, getting to know women through their habits, friendships and conversation was always the best part of spring break.

Extra credit: Invite my own pack of mamas over during spring break. Since we’re all going nuts alone in our respective houses, we might as well share the load.

2. Mani-pedis
Looking forward to the pre-trip visit to the spa or the salon for nails and hair put me in the mood for vacation. Currently, spring break is an exercise in seeing how long I can get by between showers.

Hit the spa or salon and get your nails done because, sometimes, it’s the little things that give us the most joy.

Extra credit: Schedule an extra-special pre-spring break mani-pedi just for you. Something about having perfectly groomed toes and fingers makes that week at home feel a little less harried.


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3. Getting Ready
Speaking of showers, taking a full two hours to get ready is one of those glorious memories specific to spring break. I miss the camaraderie of five girls in one tiny hotel bathroom mirror shouting over hairdryers. Getting ready now means I quickly check a mirror on my way to tap class to see what’s in my teeth this time.

Extra credit: Wake up 30 minutes early to get showered, dressed and fully made up. My husband will appreciate it, and my kids seem to listen to me better when I put my best face forward.

4. Going With It
College years: Cute boy on the beach invited me to a party? I was on it. Mountaintop horse riding with a guide missing three fingers? Sounds fun.

Today: Spring break means every minute and activity is meticulously planned.

Extra credit: Schedule adventure. A homebody like me can visit a train museum or maybe take a short hike with the family on a local trail. Anything out of our homes makes the day an adventure.

5. Local Food
I’ve always been a foodie — even on spring break. Whether it was finding a street cart selling jerk chicken in Jamaica or late night beignets and chicory coffee in New Orleans, trying out the local food was just part of the adventure.

Extra credit: Be a local in our own town. Research what kind of food makes our community great — what’s in season? We can either go out to eat or prepare it together at home, learning together.

Memory lane is a great road to take — as long as it helps prepare me for a better tomorrow. These spring break memories can keep me focused on all the good in my life right now; and really, there’s nothing stopping our spring breaks from including some delicious local food, a mani-pedi and a more adventurous change in attitude.

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Helen has written about Internet culture and home entertaining at her eponymous site
Helen Jane since 1998. Napa Valley-based, she is a certified specialist of wine and founder of Cheesewhizzes, a nationwide cheese-tasting club. She also captains her bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce.

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