I Heart My Family

I Heart My Family

These “little things” go a long way with friends and family. Here’s why.

A Million Ways To Say “I Love You”

As a mom, you’re already doing a million little things that say, “I love you” to your loved ones. But sometimes, merely saying it out loud doesn’t feel like enough! With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, showing up in the lives of our loved ones is important – not just at Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

And saying “I love you” doesn’t always require a lot of planning or hard work. Here are just 5 ideas inspired by our P&G everyday community.

“I love you.”

Have you ever noticed that simply saying the phrase “I love you” can seem to lose its meaning after awhile? A thoughtful message, on the other hand, can introduce fresh surprise and delight.

Leave notes in their lunch or send them text messages throughout the day to present an unexpected reminder of the world you share together.

“I hope this makes your day better.”

Just because you planned it doesn’t make it any less surprising and delightful for the recipient. Ready the coffee maker before they get out of bed. Lay out a fresh set of PJs before bedtime. Little gestures can create big smiles – sometimes even better than words can.

“My husband scrapes the ice off my car for me in the morning during the winter so I don’t have to.”
–Ryan W., P&G everyday community member

“I saw this and thought of you.”


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We all know that telling someone you love them isn’t about showering them with material possessions, right?

It’s not about how much you spend, but the thought you put into it. Be on the lookout for a small, meaningful gift specific to them. Grab your loved one’s favourite snack while you’re grocery shopping, or search for the missing piece of your son’s toy car collection – it shows you’re genuinely interested in the things and activities they care about.

“I make up songs for each of my kids, with their name and other silly jokes in it. They love it! And the best part is seeing my 5 year old start to make up his own songs to sing to his sisters!”
–Sabrina S., P&G everyday community member

“What would YOU like to do today?”

As a family, we take turns deciding what to do – and then we throw ourselves into that activity with excitement and enthusiasm.

Whether it’s courtside tickets to a basketball game with a spouse or playing the princess for your little one to rescue, cast aside your own preferences and spend some time doing what your loved ones enjoy.

“We always end up doing more reading in the winter, which means snuggle time with lots of blankets and hot chocolate! We also break out the board games. Now that our kids are old enough to play too, it’s so much fun!”
–Janie P., P&G everyday community member

“Tell me about your day.”

Nothing says “I love you” quite like “I get you.” Put the phone away, get on the same eye-level, and really listen to that person you love. It demonstrates a genuine desire to truly connect with one another.

“Since I live far away from my grandchildren, their parents FaceTime with them frequently, even if it's for a few minutes. It means so much to me!”
-Linda K., P&G everyday community member

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I lay with my eleven-year-old daughter and thirteen-year-old son every night and we talk about our day ��

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