How to Instill Healthy Habits in Kids

How to Instill Healthy Habits in Kids

Help your family toss the soda, turn off the TV and brush those teeth with these tips.

Kids often choose cookies over veggies, watching TV over taking a walk and don't practice good dental hygiene. By following these simple steps, however, you can help your little ones develop healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Beat the Sweets
Opportunities abound for kids to indulge in high-sugar foods and drinks. So how can you encourage your kids to choose low-sugar options?

Make it a Habit to Drink Water

Give your kids water at every meal, and encourage them to drink it throughout the day to quench their thirst and avoid dehydration. Make sugar-packed sodas and juices rare treats instead of everyday occurrences.

Create a Food Log
Buy a colourful notebook, and use it to create a food diary for your child. Sit down together regularly to record what he or she has eaten recently. Discuss the good choices your child has made, as well as healthier options for future meals.

Hit the Streets
Regular physical activity provides many benefits for adults and kids alike. Plus, research suggests that active kids might be less likely to engage in risky behaviours. They also are more likely to have better self-esteem, earn higher grades and get more sleep.


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If you’re struggling with getting your kids to get off the couch, tell them you want their help getting more physically active. Ask them to join you for walks, biking or even yard work. They'll feel good about helping you — while developing their own fitness routines.

For a family-friendly option, choose a special place for your family to visit at least one day per week that requires them to engage in physical activity, such as walking, swimming or biking. Head to a scenic trail, a rec centre or even a tennis court. No one has to be a pro, but everyone should be ready to have fun!

Give Your Kids Some New (Dental) Tools
A timer is a great way to help your kids brush for a full two minutes. Encourage flossing with a floss flavour kids love. Get products specially made to protect the areas dentists check most in kids, including cavities and fresh breath, and feature flavours and designs they'll love!

Make a List — Check it Twice
Seeing day-to-day accomplishments will help motivate them to keep brushing.

It may be hard to get your children to make healthier choices from out of nowhere, but keep at it. If you’re constant, they’ll develop healthy habits and, with a little nudge from mom, they’ll be on their way to a fresh, healthy start!

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