How to Get Your Kids to Love School

How to Get Your Kids to Love School

Cultivate a lifelong love of learning and help your child appreciate school with these tips.

Think back to when you were in school — was it a stressful time? Fun? Odds are, you’ll remember the best teacher you’ve ever had or the times summer break seemed like it’d last forever. What you most likely aren’t thinking about are the hours sitting at a desk, taking notes, filling out worksheets and raising your hand to ask permission to use the restroom.

It’s understandable why your kids might tell you they don’t want to go to school — or tell you they hate it. The key is to remind them that school is so much more than the classroom.

Remind Them: Learning is Fun
Instead of asking the question “How was school?” ask what your children learned that day. Whether it’s about dinosaurs, the solar system or George Washington, be sure to encourage them to tell you absolutely everything. Don’t treat it like a test — they just got out of a classroom after all.

Ask them what their favourite subject or lesson was and keep mentioning that school is also a place where many young people first start to develop a passion for subjects that could guide them to a career years down the line. Relate to them as much as possible to reinforce the fact that school isn’t a punishment. Astronauts, presidents, mom and dad —everyone went to school!

If you show your interest in what they learn, they’ll always want to find a new fact to tell you. (Even if it’s about Washington’s wooden teeth.) If you start sharing your own knowledge with your kids, they might even try to stump you!


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And if that’s not enough, museums, books and the Internet are always there with nearly endless amounts interesting things to learn as a family.

Tell Them: School is More Than a Building
School-aged kids always live in the present. Regardless of whether it’s the night before the first day of school or the morning of the 100th, we have to remind them that school is where their friends are. It’s where their favourite teachers are. For many of our kids, showing up is the hardest part about school. Once they’re off and on their own, they may forget entirely that they didn’t want to go!

Help Them: Join Extracurricular Activities
Get your kids involved in school activities. After-school clubs and teams are perfect ways for your kids to start loving school. School spirit and involvement in sports will teach them team-work and will give them something to look forward to once the school day ends.

As long as school becomes a place your child begins to associate with happiness or fun, he or she will always be ready to hop on the bus or in the car every morning. Help your children start to think of school the way you do now: A place where you started learning, found great friends and, although some days were less exciting than others, had a lot of fun along the way.

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