Glamping: Camping in Comfort

Glamping: Camping in Comfort

“Glamping” brings the very best of camping, with the comforts of home.

Glamping = (Glamorous + Camping)

Camping isn’t for everyone. In fact, I don’t know anyone who really likes sleeping with mosquitos, torrential downpours, chilly sleeping bags or while rationing their phone usage.

Whether you like camping or not, the fun and adventure of camping doesn’t have to come at the cost of every home comfort.

That’s where backyard glamping comes in. It takes the idea of camping – sleeping under the stars, living outdoors and sharing experiences with your family – and turns it into something a bit more familiar and enjoyable.

Here’s How to Get Started:

The Tent
This is the most important part of the entire experience. A camping tent may have sleeping bags and a few blankets. A glamping tent has much more.

Line the floor with an area rug or two, and add air mattresses with toppers and comforters (sleeping bags are for artic expeditions). Pillows from your bed and your favourite throws will keep everyone cozy and warm.


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From there, you can add books, a small table and foldable chairs, if they will fit. String fairy lights around the tent or use them to light the way in the dark.

Modern Conveniences
That’s right, go ahead and run an extension cable out from the house to power your phones and apps. You can even have a backyard movie night with a tablet or a projector.

Full Bellies
Keep pizza or takeout a few steps away in the kitchen, but skip the paper plates and plastic utensils. Why not just use the real plates and flatware at your disposal?

And don’t forget the traditional campfire with s’mores (you can even leave twigs scattered around the yard so the little ones can help collect “firewood”). You’ll also love waking up to hot chocolate, coffee and breakfast after a night of “roughing it.”

Necessities of Home
You never know how much you love being clean until you aren’t. Hand soap, Puffs tissues, baby wipes — and best of all, a real bathroom stocked with Charmin — is only a short walk away!

That’s all it takes. Just remember: Camping is about choosing to live simpler. Glamping is about living the life you love with a bit of nature to spice it up! So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors (but don’t forget your chargers).

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