Girlfriend “Getaway” Ideas to Keep Your Friendships Strong

Girlfriend “Getaway” Ideas to Keep Your Friendships Strong

Getting away with your girlfriends doesn’t mean having to go across the country!

By: Sheri Silver

The idea of a “girls’ getaway” has always appealed to me. Two (or even three!) uninterrupted days and nights of talking, bonding and eating sounds amazing. But if we can’t even get our schedules synched together for a dinner date, how could we manage a whole weekend? Never mind how expensive that can be.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the idea of a “local” getaway — something we could do on a regular basis that would feel like a mini-escape, but we could stay close to home. Since most of my friends have a special talent or interest, I thought the “getaway” could be built around a rotating theme. One friend could take the lead each month.

The ideas started flowing, and here are just some of the themes for a close-to-home girls’ getaway:

1. Scour a Flea Market
Everyone has that friend who can scour a flea market and magically hone in on the “hidden treasures.” Take a day trip to a local flea market and let her share her secrets for spotting those jewels.

2. Hold an Exercise Class
Ask your fittest friend lead a mini “boot camp” — depending on the time of year it can be indoors or out (with smoothies to follow, of course).

3. Get Your DIY On
I’m hopeless when it comes to anything DIY. I’d love one of my crafty friends to teach a lesson how to create a few basics to give as gifts or even to do with the kids!


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4. Take a Walk Through a Neighbourhood You’ve Never Been To
Is one of your friends always posting her latest neighbourhood discoveries on social media? Does she know about a to-die-for bakery or chic clothing store you have yet to visit? Or perhaps she’s stumbled upon a charming street lined with brownstones and window boxes? Ask her to lead the group while you all play tourist in your own (or a neighbouring) town, or a city close by.

5. Try a New Dish
Ask your foodie friend to partner with the friend who has the biggest kitchen for a hands-on demo. Someone can choose a theme (ethnic, weeknight dinners, baking basics) and then everyone will consume the results at the lesson’s end. The rest of the group can bring the rest of the meal. It’s a win-win!

6. Learn How to Arrange Flowers
Whose home is always filled with fresh flowers that always look fresh and inviting and never stuffy? Chances are she has a knack for finding unusual vessels and matching them the right blooms for a perfect combination, too. Ask her to demonstrate how to select flowers that work well together and tips for choosing the perfect complementary containers.

7. Get Gardening
Got a green thumb in the group? She probably has an amazing garden too — spend a morning with her there learning some basic gardening techniques. You can also ask her demonstrate how to plant a successful window box. Call your local nursery to see if they would let her host a class. (Everyone could go home with her own planted pot!)

8. Organize a Guided Museum Trip
Going to a museum can be a thrill for some but overwhelming and confusing for others. If you have an artsy girl in the group, ask her to plan a trip to a museum. Seeing art through the eyes of someone who really understands the history and technique can transform the experience.

The list could go on and on (and we all have enough talented friends for that!). These ideas aren’t costly or difficult to execute, and it can bring the group together in such a fun and meaningful way. It’s so easy to let time slip away, but making time for friends shouldn’t take a backseat to everything because of our busy lives.

Sheri Silver is a landscape designer, mom of three and lifestyle writer. She pens the blog Donuts, Dresses and Dirt, where she writes about baking and cooking, gardening, parenting and her adventures in and around New York City.

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