Gift Ideas to Honour Your Child’s Favourite Teacher

Gift Ideas to Honour Your Child’s Favourite Teacher

Use these tips get your child’s favourite teacher a thoughtful, personal gift.

By: Julie Meyers Pron

Imagine a teacher’s closet, filled with boxes overflowing with “World’s Best Teacher” mugs and placards. While there are gifts specifically made for teachers, it’s time to do away with the typical, the blasé and the boring and honour your child’s favourite teacher with a thoughtful gift that really shows you appreciate all their hard work.

Of course, “thoughtful” is dependent on how much thought you actually put in, so it helps to ask your child a few key questions about his or her favourite teacher. Many parent associations even create a teacher survey to help parents learn more about favourite teachers. If you’re child’s school doesn’t offer these surveys, take a look at our list of thought gift ideas that will help brighten the day of your child’s favourite teacher.

The Overworked Teacher
After hours of standing on their feet all day, teachers love anything that helps them to relax. Think beyond candles and lotions with gift cards for manicures and pedicures, at-home pedicure kits or at-home relaxation kits like a bathtub shelf, magazine and tub pillow.

The Beachy Teacher
If you can find out if your child’s teacher has travels planned to a beach or lake house — or even a pool — over summer break, this will be a great gift. Purchase an inexpensive beach bag or cooler and fill it with items she’ll want on her trip. A magazine, sunblock, reusable water bottle and beach towel will not only be appreciated, they’ll be used.


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The Movie Buff
If your child’s teacher loves movies (most do), then a great gift starts with a popcorn bowl. Fill it with popcorn kernels, a few DVDs, candy bars, a copy of an entertainment magazine and a gift card to a local movie theater.

The Family Teacher
If your child’s teacher rushes home each afternoon to her own family, she’s sure to enjoy a family game night with a new game. Pair it with a gift card for pizza delivery, and she’ll bring home a gift the whole family will love.

The Activist Teacher
A lot of teachers share their passions, and charities will happily accept a donation in the teachers’ honour. Many school districts and teachers’ unions also collect donations from families to put towards their scholarships and other discretionary funds. Call your school office to find out if yours participates.

The Sports Fan
Trust me, you’ll know if your child’s teacher is a sports fan. She’ll have posters hung behind her desk and might even wear her favourite sports gear to school events. Make this teacher stand up and cheer with tickets to a game, a T-shirt or even a sports cup.

Parents, it’s time to stop gifting that bulky coffee mug and think about the teacher that makes your child smile every day.

Julie is the owner and editor of and, a website and network focused on empowering video bloggers. She writes an education column for Rusty & Rosy’s blog page and specializes in parenting, education, organization and travel.

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