Getting Outdoors, Without Being Too Outdoorsy

Getting Outdoors, Without Being Too Outdoorsy

You won’t be packing a tent or catching your dinner, but you can still enjoy the outdoors.

You have no intention of lashing your own tripod or summiting anything other than the mountain of laundry that’s built up.

But you can deal with that later.

The weather is turning, but it’s probably not quite frigid enough to abandon all hope of ever going outside again. So grab the kids, grab your boots, leave the camping gear collecting cobwebs in the garage and explore the great outdoors – without going overboard.

Where to go?
There may be some woods or a trail by your house. But there are also more than 100 national parks between the U.S. and Canada, as well as dozens of other protected areas. Most will have simple walking trails even the kids can do. Pack your lunch (or grab some fast food on the way) and have a picnic.


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Involve the Kids
Let them help pack backpacks, pick out a walking stick and fill up water bottles. Encourage them to pack light, especially because when they get tired you’ll probably end up being the one carrying everything.

Prepare for Unstructured Fun
Have some ideas for games you can play or topics you can discuss during your time outdoors, but be OK with the kids leading the itinerary. Whenever they want to skip stones or chase bugs or take a break, let that dictate what you do.

Be Safe
Pack sunscreen, first aid kits, water and other needs. If you’re concerned at all about being physically ready, talk with your doctor and start small. Don’t go off the trails. Use the buddy system. But, most importantly, have fun with your family as the season shifts.

These will be the memories you keep forever.

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