5 Creative Ways to Educate Your Child over Summer Break

5 Creative Ways to Educate Your Child over Summer Break

No school? No problem! Keep your kid’s head in the right place with these 5 tips.

By: Julie Meyers Pron

Whether it’s summer vacation or even just a day off school, we all get antsy when the kids are home. Before entertaining the “I’m boooooooored!” whine, try preparing a few creative ways to educate your child while they are out of school — and you don’t even have to let them in on the fact that they are learning!

1. Plan Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger hunts can be done anywhere and with very little preparation. Go online and search “indoor scavenger hunt clues” for lists of things for your kid to find. If the weather is clear, go outdoors! You’ll find dozens of lists, ranging from simple to challenging. This activity enforces reading and encourages kids to pay closer attention to their surroundings. Outdoor lists often include a bit of science or social studies. Who knows? They might even be encouraged to clean up a bit.

Once they’re finished hunting and all pieces have been collected, encourage your child to write about their experience in the form of a journal entry or task them with creating a fictional story incorporating five of the objects they found on their hunt.

2. Encourage Cooking
Kids love helping in the kitchen. Depending on their age and abilities, they can often create meals independently or with the help of an adult. Younger children will learn to read recipes, follow instructions, understand ingredients, learn about units of measurement and gain a basic understanding of mixtures and reactions.


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3. Make a Movie
With prices of basic handheld video cameras seemingly getting lower every year and video-capable smartphones in handbags everywhere, more and more children are embracing storytelling through video. Have your child brainstorm a topic and create a script and film a movie, all on their own. If you have editing software, older kids will enjoy learning to edit. Finish your day off with a movie night. Which brings us to…

4. Host an Event
If you have a budding event planner, this activity will thrill them. Challenge your child to host an event in the coming days. Help him or her brainstorm the type of event — movie night, carnival, face-painting day, magic show or many others — and begin planning the event. Help your child through the many stages of an event such as announcements, flyers and invitations, snacks or meals, tickets, event agendas and decor.

5. Research
Many kids actually love learning; they just don’t know it. Find a topic that your child is naturally curious about and dive in. Go to the local library, search online or head to a museum where your child can learn more about the topic. Before you begin, brainstorm everything your child already knows and what he or she wants to know. After the research, task your child with creating a poster, information book, brochure or guide to the subject.

As long as your child is interested in the activity, learning will undoubtedly occur. When this little exposure to learning blossoms into a passion, you’ll have a busybody who’ll never get bored all summer!

What’s your favourite way to keep the kids busy and learning over the summer break? Share your tips in the comments below! Log in or register for P&G everyday to get started.

Julie is the owner and editor of Julieverse.com and VlogMom.com, a website and network focused on empowering video bloggers. She writes an education column for Rusty & Rosy’s blog page and specializes in parenting, education, organization and travel.

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